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PrussiaXReader Ch. 1 – Hold My Hand

You were nervous. Everyone was going to be there, Even your secret crush. You were not prepared for this moment at all, and you began to quietly panic by biting your lip. Immediately you realized how silly it was that you were panicking.  I mean, this was going to be the perfect opportunity for you to get closer to him. Though he already knows your name, and you talk to each other occasionally, you want him to recognize you even more. Close.. You want to be really close to him. The warmth of his arms wrapped around your shoulders and his soft lips against yours. Oh how wonderful that would be..But continuously you told yourself that It would always be a dream. You knew that it couldn't possibly happen.

Big parties like so, you aren't used to, and they always make you feel uneasy. Plus, the majority of the party are all guys. So most of the attention will fall upon you. And honestly you enjoy that, but then again you are very inexperienced with this whole  love atmosphere thing. So eventually it will all tumble down hill and crumble your moment you thought. You were afraid that this would interfere with your chance. Well at least you have a cute bathing suit to wear. It was a glimmering (fav color) bikini with light ruffles on the top and a long flowing silky skirt that wrapped around your waist and over your bottoms.

You slowly yet hesitantly navigated yourself to the mirror. You were afraid of who you might see, so you closed your eyes. When you opened them, you shook your head and an small grin wiped across your face.

"I'm being so ridiculous.." You chuckled, grabbing your skirt and twirling back and for the giving you full perspective.

"I hope that I'm not too distracting." You sighed.
But then you thought..Will he like it? Is it to much. Clearly you were very paranoid.

It was a bright and warm day as you followed the gravel road, that took you through the thick mountain trails. From afar, you could hear the booming music echo from nearby. You drew closer to it and eventually the path lead you straight to a sparkling beach. You spotted the bunch of guys laughing and having a good time. You were tempted to join it, but as shy as you were, you would probably make things awkward for them. So you decided so stay back as though you were afraid of being spotted. Then suddenly from behind, someone gently grasped your wrist. You quickly turned your head only to see Alfred and that big happy heroic smile.

"Yo,______! Glad you made it!" He bursted, throwing you in the spotlight.

Eyes instantly fell upon you. You felt your face burn as it reddened, and all you could do that was most appropriate at that moment was wave and smile. From most of the guys expressions, they were all happy to see you. So you let out a big sigh of relief and released your tense shoulders.

As you got situated, the party was huge just as expected. Many were playing volleyball, some where dancing, and there were people chatting and hanging out at the relaxing bar. There were so many exciting things to do, yet you found a chair, sat and watched everyone have fun.

"Hey,______!" You glanced up only to see Alfred run up to you. "Why are you being a loner and sitting by yourself for? Come over here and play some Limbo with us!" He shouted while grabbing your arms and pulling you into his group.

Limbo, huh? You where never good at it. You didn't want to play, but it would upset Alfred if you decided to back away. It wouldn't hurt to play though, you thought.

The bar was placed at the top level and everyone went under simply, even yourself. But then the bar began dropping lower and lower. You were afraid of falling over and making a fool of yourself. You  were very hesitant to leave the line, but you decided to stick through it. Soon your turn came, and just as expected, you fell backward onto the warmish sand. Everyone laughed at you which forced you to blush of embarrassment. Then a hand flashed in front of your chest, hand out and palm open. Before grabbing it, you glanced up curious of the generous stranger. And there stood, only to reveal your secret crush, Gilbert Beilschmidt.

"______, You're ridiculous!" The albino snickered. "As always."

Your heart pounded as you ran across those crimson eyes. You could do nothing more but to gaze through them.

"Well? Hello? You just gonna sit there or what, frau.?"

You shook your head and locked your small hands with his as he helped you up back onto your feet.

"Thanks.." You smiled.

He smirked back as a response to your thanks.

"Heh, no need to thank the awesome me!" He snobbishly spoke with such pride. "Hey, you look cute, frau!" He studied you while letting his ruby eyes roam your body.

You blushed, "O-oh? I'm glad you think so."

"Say, a nice cool beer would work wonders to moisten my throat right now. You with me, Frau?"

It took you a while to register all those word, since you where still in shock. You nodded almost immediately.

"Y-yes! I would. I suppose I do need to loosen up a bit.."

At that moment, a great grin wiped across his face. "Now that's what I want to hear! Let's go!"

He grasped your hand and lead you to the bar, slithering through the countless crowds of people. Eventually, you both find your way and you sit up by the bar with the cold beverage in your palms. You began taking sips and gradually, without noticing, those sips turned to gulps then into giant swigs. You glanced over at Gilbert who was finishing up his last couple of glasses.

After his last swig, he panted, "AH! That hit the spot!!" He stretched backward arching his back from the bar stool, reaching his arms over his shoulders. Then he slumped back into his bad posture leaning against the counter. He glanced back, and grinned. You smiled back in response and set your glass aside.

"G-gilbert I was wonder-" The albino cut you off unknowingly when he jumped out of his chair.

"Mein Gott!! I love this song! Let's go dance!!" He gripped your wrist at the instant and dragged you to the dance floor.

"W-wait! Gilbert I-I don't D-dance!!" You tried pulling back, but his grip was too tight.

On the dance floor, everyone was dancing and having a great time. Gilbert was really getting into it, shaking his hips, rolling and moving with the beat. You wanted to join in with him, but you never really danced before so you were nervous to do so. Uncertain of what to do, you began to sway your body back and forth hoping to fit in. Gilbert noticed you dancing ridiculously by yourself, and began laughing. He swopped behind you grabbing one of your fragile hands, and his other on your hip. He began silently giving you instructions by moving your body in the correct motion. Eventually you got it, and both of you began to dance together. You became comfortable and completely forgot all your worries and became the life of the party.

Soon you both got tired and found a nice quiet deck with a little bonfire in the center, to relax and catch your breath.

"You're an Awesome Dancer, Frau. Ha ha! That's because you learned from the awesome me!"

You began laughing, "Ha ha Yeah, I guess your right Gilbert. That was so much fun. I haven't done something like that in ages." You were grateful that Gilbert was able to bring you out of your shell tonight.

The sun was beginning to set and the night began to fall quite. The both of you realized that it was getting late, and you had to leave and go home soon. You had to walk back on those mountain trails before it gets too dark because you could easily get lost.

Gilbert shot up from one of the several deck chairs, "Aww what? Why so soon, Frau? Things were getting awesome!"

You didn't want to leave either.. And things were going good with you and Gilbert.

While you sat upon the fence of the deck, you glanced up only to see his dark ruby eyes pierce through yours.

There was a long silence...

"G-gilbert.." You hesitated.

"Ja, what is it?" He replied. He improved his posture by straitening out his back, notifying you that he is giving you his full attention.

"I was wondering...Could you-"

At the splitting second you lost your balance. Gilbert jumped up and dashed to grab your hands. By the time he tried to reach, you could only touch fingertips. It was far too late. You fell feet above the sea.

You feel deep. The pressure squeezed your lungs forcing you to exhale. It was quite. Flailing in the cold, hearing nothing but the mumble from your lips. You choked for air as the cool water slipped its way threw the back of your throat, suffocating you. There was nothing you could do, but struggle. Quickly, you began to weaken and slowly your flailing eased its way to a stop. You began sinking deeper and deeper, helpless. Until you felt a warm brush against your back. Then suddenly streams of flowing water blew through your hair and face. Right after, came a burst of air. You choked, relieving the tense stress in your lungs. You glanced up with your blurred vision, and saw those crimson eyes. The warmth of his body against yours from lifting you up from the cold, and his arms wrapped around your tiny frame.

Gilbert carefully yet swiftly took you ashore and sat you down.

Gilbert was worried, "______!! Hey can you hear me?!______!" He pounded your back a couple times, hard. You coughed a few more times spitting up water almost every time. You could still hear the muffled booming of the music as you continued to choke. You finally caught your breath.

"Yeah.. I can't swim.." You sighed. "I'm sorry."

"Wait! Why the hell are you apologizing for? It's not like you feel on purpose!" He snapped.

You began to giggle.

"Hey..What's so funny..?"

"You care about me.." You couldn't help but smile at his determined face. You've never seen it.

Gilbert cheeks began to lightly blush. "Ja.. I do care about you." He stroked your arm then moved upward brushing your shoulders, then he gently rubbed your cheek. He leaned over close to your ear.

"_____..I." He whispered softly.

He gently yet slightly turned your head until you both stared into each others eyes. The warmth of his breath tickled your neck as he held you closer. You both kiss. First soft, but gradually became more aggressive. You felt the slithering of his tongue glide along your bottom lip, asking permission for its entrance and you gladly accept. The two tongues danced together happily. His other hand began climbing up the sides of your hip then quickly found its way under your breast. Unconsciously, You brushed through his silvery damp hair, and wrapped your arms around his neck. His hand drifted its way down your body and began slowly crawling under your skirt.

You forgot about the time.. You set both of your palms onto his cheeks then slowly pulled away, breaking the kiss. "I-it's late.. I have to go home now.."
You stumbled back onto your feet.
Gilbert held a grasp onto your wrist. "W-wait. Now?"

Deep into his eyes you could hear them say that he was desperate. He did not want to let you go. But deep into your (eye color) eyes, they where speaking the exact words to him. Does this mean-

He jumped up. "If your going, Frau.." He spoke aggressively while clutching your delicate hands, "I'll walk you home."
Yay First chapter of my first XReader!~
Hope its not too bad.. I dont usually write so this is a bit new for me ^u^' Yeah..
Tell me what you think just dont hurt me >.<

Okay, I am well working on chp. 2 right now so hopefully i will soon finish that. :meow:

Chp. 1 ~Here
Chp. 2 ~[link]
Chp. 3 ~Coming soon~

Hope you like~
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