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Hetalia: Interacting Dating Game DEMO *RELEASE* by iRYANiC Hetalia: Interacting Dating Game DEMO *RELEASE* by iRYANiC
[ATTENTION:] The hiatus for the Hetalia Dating game probably won't ever recover.
Being a college kid isn't easy, and I just don't have the time that I used to.
So I'm afraid, I won't be able to work on it anytime soon, or at all.


First I would like to say, thanks for all the patience you guys have. I know programming can take a while and I'm glad you guys were able to wait and understand. Plus the support you all have been giving, really encouraged me. :meow: Thank you soo much~!

This game is a sample of the full game. It doesn't have much in it, just a jiff of it. So it is a small demo..very small. Don't worry there is a bit of interacting in there just not as much though. The full story isn't there so interacting is weak and your stats don't really matter at the moment, but it's still fun to play.

Reminder: You can only date Italy in this demo. Plus, all the areas on the map are unavailable besides the Carnival. That is the only place you can chose to go on the map.

There are a lot of bugs and scripts that I still need to fix and edit, sorry about that. It's still playable. This is why it is called a 'BETA'.
Plus, I'm dying for reviews q-q. (This is my first novelty game too..I hope it's alright.)

(This is not a flash...You have to download it~!)
Download - Size: 54.7 MB


GamePlay: 7-15 Minutes

Enjoy the little Demo~!
I would love to hear reviews from you all if you can.

Game Engine : Ren’py 6.13.12
Game Written and Illistraited By : KikaruChan
Backgrounds By : Novelty - Cybeat - Mei Miyamura - Chaos-Island - Crescendo
Music and Sound By : Youtube - Rengoku Teien - Tam Music - Kikered - Yumemiduki - Conisch

Many Thanks to :

All Hetalia Characters and Hetalia are owned and created by Hidikaz Himaruya Hetalia (c) Hidikaz Himaruya.

This is a Fan-Based game inspired by Hetalia.
Hetalia: Interaction Dating Game is just for fun and entertainment with aboslutely no use in profit.

Game and Art Created by: -

Thanks for Playing~!

a.k.a Yandere-Chan <3

Reminder: This is a Sample Demo. It does not contain the full game. Not even close. This will allow you to just get the idea of how the game is going to function.

If you haven't seen what the game looks like, check out some of my W.I.P.s of the Game.
Part 1: >>…
Part 2 (Improved with Updates): >>…
Part 3(Axis Selection Menu): >>…
Part 4(Allies Selection Menu): >>…
Part 5 (Newer Updates with Map!): >>…



:bulletgreen:Q. Are you going to complete the game?

:bulletred:A. No. I Can't. As previously mentioned, I'm busy with college and the daily struggles of life.

:bulletgreen:Q. How/Where do you download?

:bulletred:A. Read the Discription, Guys.. C'mon.

:bulletgreen:Q. It says 'Path is too long..'???

:bulletred:A. Reduce the length of the path. For example, move the folder so it has a shorter path or shorten the file name.

:bulletgreen:Q. Is it compatable with MAC?

:bulletred:A. No. Sorry.

:bulletgreen:Q. Why can't I play it!?

:bulletred:A. ...? I can't help you if you don't specify.

:bulletgreen:Q. How did you make this game?

:bulletred:A. I used a Novelty Game Engine called Ren'py.

:bulletgreen:Q. Can you teach me how to code?

:bulletred:A. There's a Ren'py cookbook you can easily find to help you.

:bulletgreen:Q. Can I finish the Game for you?

:bulletred:A. Sorry, but No. The thought of others handling my work makes me paranoid. I appreciate the offer, but paranoia can get the best of me sometimes.

:bulletgreen:Q. Can I commission a Game?

:bulletred:A. Nope. Sorry.

Thanks for your time, and Enjoy~. :iconyayitaliaplz:
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March 25, 2013
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